Considering buying online?  Beware of "copy" websites!


For around the same price, why not go through a store and enjoy customer service and security?


We are responsible for delivering your gown of choice on time and in good condition, replicating the quality of the gowns you see in our store.  We also give complimentary garment pressing.


If a price is around 1/2 the cost of the in store garment, it is DEFINITELY a copy dress as a retailer must pay a wholesale price for the authentic dress.  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!!

​Please consider the shipping costs, money exchange rates, credit card charges, taxes and duties when working out the REAL cost of buying overseas.  If you are buying from overseas and the GST is not included in your Total paid, your goods can be held up in customs and GST payment will be demanded before release.


Orders take approximately 14 weeks to be made whether ordered online or through a store.


Finally, we are the authorized seller of our labels. You will not have a copy dress made by a fraudulent third party.

Fraudulent websites:

Many Websites appear to have the same styles as the big brands.  However, these are copy sites using the imagery of reputable businesses.  Some even state "Beware of Counterfeit sites" even though that is what they are.  They may set up offices in the States or UK to appear legitimate!  These companies are getting better at fooling the innocent public. The quality of these copy dresses are not the same.  I have altered some of these garments and their workmanship and materials used are not up to standard. As they say, "you get what you pay for"!  I have showed some examples below the copy website imagery below. This company used to superimpose different heads on the models but now, they only crop the image to remove half the head.


​​​If you see pictures like the face removed, these are COPY dresses - the fabric and workmanship WILL be different.  You will not be getting the gown you paid for.  Unfortunately, it is the public that is being ripped off!